SaGA History


  • May
    Inauguration Ceremony of Sponsorship Board of Directors
    Beginning of the 2nd Semester of 2021
    End of the 1st Semester of 2021
  • April
    Published the First SaGA Story NewsLetter
    Inauguration of Sponsorship Board of Directors
  • March
    Beginning of the 1st Semester of 2021
    Held the Opening Ceremony of SaRang Global Academy
  • February
    The First New Student Orientation
    Hosted the Third Foundation Board of Directors


  • November
    Recruiting New Students for 2021
  • October
    Established the First Accelerated Course (Short-term Course)
  • August
    Hosted the Second Foundation Board of Directors
  • July
    Inaugurated SaRang Global Academy Prayer Supporters Association(Organized SAGA Prayer Society for the Support)
    Held the SaRang Global Academy Inauguration Ceremony
  • May
    Hosted the First Foundation Board of Directors
  • April
    Launched SaRang Global Academy Foundation