School of Discipleship

Practical Discipleship training, developing Christ centered leaders with shepherd’s heart (Pastors and Lay Leaders)

The School of Discipleship focuses on developing competent spiritual leaders who will serve in the local churches and/or in the mission field, by equipping them with Biblical foundation and disciple making skills in order to overcome the challenges of the 21st Century.

The School of Discipleship aims to develop and train the effective servant of Christ in the families, societies, churches, and the world by developing the clear calling as a minister, the character of Jesus Christ, dynamic and creative ministry skills, and global cooperation opportunities and networks

  • Mission driven ministerial calling


  • Jesus-like character formation


  • Ministerial vitality


  • Cooperation with global network


  • Power of creation


Training objectives, characteristics, orientation

Based on the biblical discipleship model of the first-Century church, we aim to train missionaries and spiritual leaders who can lead the discipleship training for local churches in the digital age of the 21st century.

  • Lectures

    On/off line Lectures

    Discussion-based Class

  • Future Ministry Design

    Design Discipleship Ministry

  • Mentoring and coaching

    Discipleship Training Mentoring

    Personal Coaching

  • International and national hands-on learning

    SaRang Church Internship

    International and National Discipleship Training Church Visitation


Term Course Name
1st Term Teleios Discipleship
Biblical Theology of Discipleship in OT
Biblical Theology of Worship
Discipleship Design for Furture Ministry
Wholistic Spiritual Formation
2st Term Leadership and Discipleshp
Biblical Theology of Discipleship in NT
Family & Counseling Discipleship
Discipleship Focused Preaching and Teaching
Family Discipleship
3rd Term Discipleship and Worldview Transformation
Apostolic Discipleship
Discipleship Curriculum Development
CAL Seminar
Discipleship Ministry