Vision of SaRang Global Academy

To be the 21st Century Hall of Worthies (future changes, global mission, next generation)

Our focus is to connect, to share, to participate, and to cooperate in raising next-generation Christian leaders with spiritual visions.

Mission & Vision

To promote and foster dynamic spiritual leaders to save churches and to lead future changes.

  • To connect, to share, to participate, and to cooperate in order to raise next-generation Christian leaders with visions of Christ.

  • Raising next generation leaders who are passionate for Christ and embrace the Kingdom values.

  • Raising emotionally and spiritually healthy Christian leaders with a solid spiritual and biblical foundation.

AIAcademy Identity

The emblem represents SaRang Global Academy’s logo that expresses the basis of all visual communication both internally and externally. And the center crown symbolizes the crown of the priest.


SAGA intends to pass on the Kingdom value and
God’s grandeur narrative of grace to the
generation to generation.


Missional Training Center continuing
for 100 years


Pursuing continual growth via networking,
sharing, unmasking and collaboration.


Key to the new horizon with vast possibilities


SaGA holds to “C.A.S.T.” as the core educational values .

  • Connect
    Connecting with
    diverse networks.
  • Accumulate
    Accumulating knowledges
    and experiences.
  • Share
    Sharing knowledges and experiences.
  • Together
    Together, we create
    a new future.

Characteristics of the SaGA Program

  • World-Class Faculty

    The learning environment encompassed by world influential leaders

  • Innovative Teaching Methods

    The on and off-line teaching methods that are based on a digital platform (CAST) to facilitate each student’s needs.

  • Career Path / Field Education

    Theory and application based practical teaching method that anyone can use at the work environment.

  • Global Network

    Create a world-wide network to facilitate various ministry opportunities.