School of Gospel Reunification

Raising the leaders of Gospel Reunification

The School of Gospel Reunification presents the reality and future of the Korean peninsula under the lens of the Christian faith with “research that goes beyond political ideologies and biases” and “unites ministry at home and abroad.” This academy strives to foster disciples who will follow God’s calling to be leaders of reunification.

The School of Gospel Reunification believes in first, God’s divine providence when examining “history and historical insights;” second, the dire need for a “gospel-driven, peaceful reunification;” third, pursuing life with a “shepherd’s heart;” fourth, the non-negotiable “value of human rights.”

  • An Insight into History

  • Gospel-Driven Peaceful Reunification

  • A Shepherd’s Heart

  • The Value

    of Human Rights

Purpose of Education and Distinct Principles

  • Cognition

    The perception of God’s heart and the shepherd’s will for North Korea that transcends the history of division and conflict

  • Conviction

    The confidence in the mission for the unification of the Korean Peninsula and the vision of the evangelization of North Korea

  • Contribution

    The heart of dedication as leaders of a gospel-driven, peaceful reunification

  • Collaboration

    The collaboration of global ministry and research across disciplines that overcomes the boundaries of language and geography

  • Continuation

    The absolute obedience and commitment to God who uses history as a vessel in His plans


Term Course Name
1st Term Teleios Discipleship
State of Affairs and Reunification
Church History of North Korea
Bible and Reunification
Domestic Field Experience and Practical Affairs
2nd Term The Unification of Germany
Christian Economy of Reunification
North Korean Refugee Ministry
Entering North Korea I
Domestic & International Field Experience I
3rd Term International Economy and Reunification
Diaspora and Reunification
Global Perspective of Reunification
Entering North Korea II
Domestic & International Field Experience I

Field Studies

Domestic Field Studies International Field Studies
Prayer Meeting at the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) United States White House Rally
Jubilee National Unification Prayer Association (Domestic/International Network) Visiting German Reunification Landmarks
North Korean Refugee Ministry
(SaRang North Korean Ministry)
International Diaspora Korean Immigrant Church Visitations
North Korean Alternative School (Banseok School) Vladivostok Business and University Trip
Visitation of Hanawon Dandong Business Mission Sites
Volunteer Events with North Korean Refugees
(City Tour and Visitations)
North Korean Social and Economic Development Organization (Good Friends International)