School of worship

Developing worship directors
for dynamic spirit filled worship

The School of Worship is an academy that equips spiritual leaders of Jesus Christ who will transform worship, art, and culture with their character formed by discipleship training, deep-rooted and healthy spirituality, excellence based on the Word of God and theology. We are looking for the leaders who will renew their church, culture, and the whole nation based on the insights perceived from the world mission and the church.

  • The characteristics and personalities shaped by discipleship
  • personalities shaped by discipleship
  • Conservative Theology based on reformed faith

Training objectives,
characteristics, orientation

Centered on Teleios Discipleship, students will learn evangelical worship theology and its application, praise selection and composition, worship planning and leadership, cultural ministry and Christian worldview, and global worship services. These are the things that students cannot learn from a traditional school. Students will have an opportunity to learn from the field ministry and hands-on ministry from the professors and pastors who are currently serving their churches.

  • Lecture

    On/off line Lectures

    Discussion-based Class

  • Project Learning

    Produce Ministry Manual

    Produce Worship Music

    Plan a Worship and Gatherings

  • Praxis

    Potential Internship at SaRang Church

    Visitation of Various International Churches

  • Personal Coaching

    Small Group Meetings

    Personal Lessons and Coachings


Term Course Name
1st Term Required Teleois Discipleship
Required Essential Worship Theology
Elective Conducting for Music Ministers
Dictation and Scoring
Elective Media Content Production
Contemporary Harmonics
2st Term Required Church Music Education Practicum
Required Church Worship Ministry
Elective Worship Leading Workshop
Piano Accompaniment
Elective Worship Video Direction
3rd Term Required Worship Spirituality
Required Worship and Media Ministry
Elective Music History Survey
Elective Band Ensemble
Recording Production
Required Portfolio